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The therapy combines several levels: verbal interaction, psychotherapy, working

with the unconscious mind, energy work, guided visualizations, body work and

special Biodynamic Massage techniques, while listening to the Psycho-Peristalsis

sounds using a stethoscope.Biodynamic body psychotherapy combines concepts,

techniques and principles of Wilhelm Reich, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and eastern

philosophy, which were the main influences on Gerda Boyesen.


There are seven main applications resulting from the theories, concepts and

principles of Biodynamic Psychology:


  • Biodynamic psychotherapy

  • Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy

  • Biodynamic massage

  • Psychosomatic treatment

  • Vegetotherapy and Bodywork

  • AuraWork, Bio-Field

  • Psycho Postural Integration Treatment (Deep Training)


The therapist creates an atmosphere of trust, care, timelessness and total acceptance,

and the state of the Primary Personality. The therapeutic approach is one of “a midwife",

in a non-judgmental state with “melting” and “allowing”, encouraging and inviting

spontaneous expression. People arrive for therapy with different needs and expectations.


For example: suffering anxieties, depression, traumas and mental distress. Wanting to

haveclarity about a particular situation or wanting to have a more fulfilling life. Some

suffer from chronic diseases and physical symptoms like, back and pelvis pain,

headaches, neck andshoulders pain, digestive and intestinal issues (constipation,

diarrhea). These symptoms,at times, are related to psychological conditions.

Therapy can be short-term, like to relievea specific condition, or a long-term process

of self-discovery and fundamental change.
















 Weekly session vs. "Block Therapy" 

In Biodynamic therapy with its different modalities a client typically receives treatment 

once a week. This rhythm has the feeling of "peeling the onion" where the client and therapist are melting the layers of armoring. It as well allows the client to develop a deep relationship with them self and with the therapist.


Block Therapy is when for a short period of time (from days to a month)

a more intense work is required or circumstances call for it, the client can receive

a treatment more frequently. It can be few times a day, several times a week or

several times a month. Because of the shorter and intense period, significant  changes

can happen. 



Both forms with their unique characters are beneficial.

Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy recognizes that we repress feelings and memories in the body. 

In a session with an environment of trust and therapeutic guidance the repressed feelings and

 memories can raise and consciously express and integrate. In the course of therapy the

understanding of conscious and unconscious behavioral patterns grows, increasing kindness 

and compassion towards oneself where healing and a state of well-being can arise naturally.

Biodynamic therapy works with the mind, body and spirit.  Together the client and therapist embark on a adventure to explore and understand oneself and where the symptoms or issues the client brought to the sessions come from and what the person needs to regain

his or her harmony.


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