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Biodynamic Psychotherapy Overview

Each of the segments on the right describes an important element in the creation and

formation of Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy.

You can read them in a non-chronological order however if you want to have a more

wholesome understanding, it is recommended you read them sequentially.


At the time Gerda Boyesen called her method Biodynamic Psychology, Psychotherapy

and massage. You may find different names for the long all-encompassing original one

in other websites or publications.

Names like Biodynamic Therapy, Biodynamic Psychotherapy and others, they are all the

same method. I have chosen to mainly use the name Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy

in order to emphasis the importance of the physical body with all of its systems in the



The term Body-Psychotherapy it is a relatively new term to distinguish and describe

a therapeutic approach, which is different then Psychotherapy.

All Body-Psychotherapy modalities share an understanding that the physical body

plays an important role in experiencing and feeling life.

That there is reciprocity between the psyche/mind and the soma/body.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich (interestingly a student of Dr. Sigmund Freud) was the first in the west

to work directly on the body with a psychotheraputic approch to affect and heal

mental illnesses. He is the originator of what are now termed Body-Psychotherapies.


While reading, questions may come and contemplation

may arise I invite you to mail me your questions I'll reply.


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