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I offer In-Person and Online:

Private sessions

  • Private sessions

  • Online psychotherapy session via Zoom or Skype

  • Supervision

  • Workshops

  • Lectures

  • Training (In all aspects of Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy)

For teaching and speaking engagements please contact

Ms. Ben Israel here:

Private sessions

To book a session or find 

if the method is for YOU


Private sessions in Israel


March 1st - 30th 2022

Anat Ben-Israel is offering private

sessions and supervision while in Israel.

Who can benefit from a private  sessions  

For those wanting to increase their health, body awareness and 

embark on a journey of self discovery through a body centered approach.Treatments are aimed at a wide variety of health related issues , physical and psychological.


Biodynamic Therapy communicates with the unconscious in the body in order to bring the stuck energy and tensions to a release. 


It also enables "digestion" of stresses which in Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy we believe takes place in the gut


Improves metabolism and digestion

Release toxins and deepens the breath

Relieves stress and stress related symptoms i.e. Headaches,Insomnia, Anxiety and Depression

Enhances a sense of “Wellbeing” and Calm 

Reduces muscular tensions and physical pains and aches i.e Back, Neck, Shoulders, Head, hands Feet etc.

© Copyright Anat Ben-Israel

© Copyright Anat Ben-Israel

© Copyright Anat Ben-Israel

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