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Gerda Boyesen, the founder of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy,

was born in 1922 in Bergen, Norway.

In 1947 she studied psychology at Oslo University and in 1951 was certified

as a clinical psychologist. She went on to study physiotherapy and was

certified as a physiotherapist in Oslo. While completing her psychology

degree Gerda underwent analysis with Ola Raknes, a Freudian analyst

who was closely associated with Wilhelm Reich during Reich's years in

Norway. Gerda Boyesen gained many insights during her analysis that

proved pivotal to her developing theories.


While working as a clinical psychologist, and later as a physiotherapist in psychiatric

hospitals in Norway, under the supervision of Dr. Trygve Braatoy (psychiatrist and

psychoanalyst), Mrs. Boyesen studied an innovative method of massage,

"Neuro-Muscular-Massage", from Adel Bulow Hansen (physiotherapist).

She discovered, that the unconscious mind and repressed emotions could be

affected by this innovative massage method.


The basis of Gerda Boyesen's therapeutic approach is the inseparable connection and

interaction between the mental, emotional and physical processes. Gerda Boyesen was

one of the forerunners of body psychotherapy after Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the originator of

body psychotherapy.


She was the first woman to create her own body psychotherapy method, Biodynamic

Psychology and the first to establish an independent school for body psychotherapy

in Europe.


In 1999 Gerda was made an "Honorary Member'  from The European Association

for Body Psychotherapy EABP.

Gerda Boyesen 1922-2005


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