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As a participant in the Emotional First-Aid workshop, 

I can attest, that Anat is a magnificent teacher, with a

profound knowledge of  Biodynamic Psychotherapy,

which she introduced very clearly, elegantly and effectively. The workshop itself provides amazingly

simple tools, which are effective for self balancing

and total relaxation.


It leaves me with a taste for more .
- I.N.



I have attended Anat"s "Emotional First Aid" workshop,

not only had a wonderful time, but as well left the class

well equipped with some surprisingly simple,and effective tools to handle any emotional emergency.


Anat is an outstanding teacher, very knowledgeable and nourishing with humor and lightheartedness to keep the participants completely attentive and make learning FUN.


Not only can I highly recommend this class, but would

attend another one with this teacher in a heartbeat!

- D.Kanz


I felt very welcomed to share openly in class. 

I appreciate the simplicity and presence with

whichyou delivered the information.


Thank you for clearly and simply explained the

human emotional system biologically, chemically

and spiritually.

I hope everyone gets an opportunity to take your

class because it was a blessing, a healing, spiritually uplifting and educational.

I wish I would have known this sooner.


Thank you so much for sharing your mind, heart, wisdom and emotional healing tools with us,

- K.Retter


I have received treatments from Anat for nearly 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest.

During these precious moments, Anat helps my body completely unwind and relax.  


Her technique and presence creates a safe environment, allowing me to fully surrender and melt away.

 It's an experience I highly, highly recommend!
- Andrew W.

It is very difficult for me to find right words to express

my gratitude for your magic healing touch and counsel,

and your kindness and generosity. 

Third day in a row I am BREATHING, my mind is clear

with no headache, I can sleep, and most of all anxiety

and rushof adrenaline are gone.

You are an amazing therapist with caring heart! 


With blessings and appreciation,

- Verica


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