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The School

In 1968 Gerda Boyesen moved to London, where she found acceptance and interest in

her new research and its results. She established a private practice and embarked on

teaching her methods.


Among her first students were her daughters (Ebba & Mona-Lisa) and her son (Paul),

which continued to develop their own work.


In 1976 she opened The Gerda Boyesen International Institute for biodynamic psychology

and psychotherapy in London, England.  For 32 years she trained hundreds of therapists

from all over the world in her methods.


Gerda Boyesen opened training centers in other countries like France, Germany, Switzerland,

Holland, Brazil and Australia among others.


Today there are Biodynamic Psychotherapy schools in various countries around the world.


Biodynamic Psychotherapy school in the USA


In the early 90's Anat Ben-Israel and Wolfgang Gerards (Biodynamic Psychotherapist and teacher),

both graduates and members of the Gerda Boyesen International Institute, trained by

Gerda Boyesen and with her blessings created their own School, Biodynamic Education of America

for Biodynamic Psychotherapy based in Washington State, USA.

The school offers training, workshop and lectures in all aspects of Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy.

They have trained and worked with many people over the years mainly on

the west coast of the USA. 

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