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Biodynamic Massage


Biodynamic massage can be used as part of Biodynamic psychotherapy or by itself.

Every thought and feeling registers in the body. Every cell is aware of all that is happening

in our life.
Biodynamic therapists are aware that when they touched the body they are in touch with

the whole person.

Biodynamic Massage involves a broad range of techniques that work on the physical

levels like muscle and bone and on the subtle levels of energy flow in and around the body.


“Psycho-Peristalsis” massage is the most basic and fundamental technique. It is used to

empty (fluid pressure) and clear the tissues from metabolic waste products.


Biodynamic massage techniques can be used:

  • Reduces muscular tensions and physical pains and aches 

  • Cleanses the body and release toxins

  • Encouraging expansion and deeper breathing 

  • Enhances a sense of “Wellbeing” and Calming 

  • Reducing inflammation

  • As part of the Body-Psychotherapy process

  • Supporting the ability to feel and express

  • Supports clarity of thought


It works on a wide variety of physical, mental/emotional conditions: 

  • Headaches, Migraines  

  • Back, shoulder and neck, hands and feet pain

  • Psychosomatic illnesses

  • Digestive disorders  

  • Different symptoms of stress i.e. Insomnia, Anxiety and Depression


Other techniques  help in grounding, containing, integration and strengthening the

experiences of embodiment of self. The depth of touch varies from deep to very light

like when working on the energy field surrounding the body.


Through the massage the therapist communicates with the client at a deep unconscious level.

The massage initiates and invites a direct physical change. It brings greater vitality, health

and a growing connection to ones independent wellbeing as the client develops a new

relationship with him/herself.


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