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Secondary Personality

Many people have lost to a degree the connection with their Primary Personality.

We don't really know ourselves on that level. We learn how to restrain, repress, deny,

hide, and suppress our excitements and pains, thoughts, spiritual experiences,

troubling memories and emotions. We learn to protect ourselves.

The capacities for self-regulation and balance on the mental, emotional and

physical levels have been compromised.


This condition creates chronic stress, which affects the physiological and psychological health.

In order to suppress our emotions and thoughts we use all the physical and mental systems.

This creates distortions, which accumulate and create overall body defenses i.e. armoring.

Gradually we lose our natural flexibility and develop a mentally, emotionally and physically

fixed (neurotic) structure. This affects the breathing, the muscles and the posture but also

the internal organs and all the cells.


This is how the Secondary Personality is created.

The Secondary Personality serves us in various ways in life, however it also restricts us

in our relationships, overall health and the capacity to experience life wholeheartedly.


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