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Biodynamic Psychology

Biodynamic Psychology is a biological and psychological approach to human evolution.

The backbone of Biodynamic Psychology is the trust in the life force and its inherent wisdom.

Biodynamic therapy focuses and encourages the expression of the life force in an authentic

and unencumbered way.

The meaning of the name Biodynamic is Life-Rhythm as  Bio means life force or Chi

and Dynamic means movement or rhythm.


Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy can be a short-term process for physical aches like

back andneck pain, headaches and psychosomatic symptoms or to gain insights on

a challenging situation.

As a long-term process it offers the possibility to reach to one’s past holdings in the

body and mindand express what is stored then integrate it in a safe therapeutic environment.

This process starts freeing the person to live in the present with the wisdom of the past.

The biodynamic therapeutic approach is inherently nurturing, supportive and invites

to connectand express  who we truly are.


Gerda Boyesen said: " We can get sick simply by repressing joy."


Happiness, wellbeing and spiritual connectedness are our birthright and part of the

human nature. Gerda saw each state that is less than "positive health" as neurosis that

is a mental imbalance, which exists in all cultures around the world.

She devoted herself to assist humanity in returning to living, as much as possible,

from the "Primary Personality."


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