Anat Ben Israel
Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy The Gerda Boyesen Method

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy is a unique branch of body psychotherapy

developed by Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) a psychologist and physiotherapist. 


The therapeutic starting point is holistic and is based on the observation that

body and  mind  are interconnected.

It sees a correlation between mental health, emotional health and physical health.


Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy works with different techniques on the physical,

emotional and mental levels to increase the flow of the life force (chi), express held

emotions and enhance the capacity to return to healthy balance, i.e.

"Self-Regulation".  At the same time reconnecting to our authentic needs,

inner truth and the joy of being alive.

The biodynamic therapeutic approach is inherently nurturing, supportive

and invites to connect and express who we truly are.


There comes a moment you want to change.

Maybe you are unhappy or the body is not in good health.

Perhaps it’s time to have less stress and feelings of overwhelm.

You want to “wake up”, to feel alive, healthy and connected.

To know you matter and find greater joy and know yourself.


I invite you to join me on a journey to find

out what is Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy.


While reading, questions may come and

contemplationmay arise I invite you to

mail me your questions I'll reply.


Anat Ben-Israel

Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapist

UKCP registured



Become the Change 

Body-Psychotherapy workshop

July 12th-14

Somerset, England

Professional training, Israel

ָ Academic year 2019-2021

1st class, Dec. 11th.

in Hebrew

Tel Aviv


Anat Ben-Israel thriving 30 years practice of Biodynamic Therapy is a testament to her wonderful healing ability

expertise, and vast

experience in this

field. I highly recommend

her insightful lectures,

workshops and private

therapy sessions"

Dr. Tel-Oren

My Inner Voices: Ego ~ Super Ego and the Essence

April 2019

London, England


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©2015 Anat Ben-Israel