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                 Emotional First Aid

         With Anat Ben Israel a senior teacher                        from the United States


                   Dated and place

                       coming soon 



 For emotionally challenging situations in daily life

and yesterday traumas


We will experience and learn about :
  • The effect of stress on health especially the immune system
  • The relationship between thoughts, feelings and the life force (Prana)
  • How to integrate and balance of the physical with the emotional
       and mental bodies
  • How to develop emotional resilience leading physical strength

Join us for a information packed workshop 




In this mind and body workshop we will use breath, movement,
guided imagination and awareness exercises, which work with
the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies .
This experiential workshop gives practical and simple tools for you
and your familyto use at times of emotionally challenging situations.
The workshop is based on Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy.

Dated: Coming soon

  • Cost:    

  • Space is limited - Registration required  !

  • ָTimes for both both days:



  • Pen and paper

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Food to share or snacks

Hot drinks (coffe, tea water) provided

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The teacher and Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapist Anat Ben-Israel trained directly by

Garda Boyesen. She received her diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy in 1988 from 

the International Institute of Garda Boyesen, London, England. For more than 26 years

 she is engaged in spiritual studies and practice.


While in Israel  Anat is offering individual sessions

and workshops in a wide range of topics.

© Copyright Anat Ben-Israel

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