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         Biodynamic EnergyWork               

                      With Anat Ben Israel

                 a Senior teacher from USA


Dated coming soon, Kiryat Tevon


In this informative introduction workshop we will learn:


  • What is the correlating  between the electromagnetic

      energy field (Aura), breath, emotion and health 

  • How does it affects our mental state and physical health 

  • What is the relation between “Open Heart” and the

      electromagnetic field

  • What is “Energy Block” 

  • What is the connection between “Energy Blocks”  

      pain and inflammation 





Dated: Coming soon

Place: Kiryat Tevon

  • Cost : 250₪ Those paying by ___ 200₪  

  • Times: Arrival: 16:45, Start~17:00-21:30

  • Space is limited - Registration required  !



  • Pen and paper

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Food to share or snacks

  • Hot drinks (coffee, tea water) provided

© Copyright Anat Ben-Israel

  Therapeutic application ~ We will learn how:

  • To  open “Energy Blocks” allowing, feelings,

       thoughts, creativity 

  • Reduce pain and inflammation by working on the

       electromagnetic field (Bio-Field)

  • Open the flow of the Heart to the electromagnetic

       field and beyond

  • The conection between the energy field and



Gerda Boyesen created Biodynamic EnergyWork, unique techniques

which work on the electromagnetic field the Bio-Field to release

held energy i.e “Energy Block” encourage flow, reduce pain and

inflammation access deep layers of the psyche and support

emotional expression. Calm, balance, ground and harmonize

the system.Those technique can be a whole treatment or in

combination with other Biodynamic techniques. 

Anat Ben-Israel has been taught directly by Gerda Boyesen, the founder of Biodynamic Psychology, Psychotherapy and Massage.Shet has been teaching

and in private practice for more then 27 years, she lives in Washington state, USA.

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© Copyright Anat Ben-Israel

While in Israel  Anat is offering individual sessions

and workshops in a wide range of topics.

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