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       Renewal from Winter to spring

   With Anat Ben Israel a senior teacher from USA

      Saturday April-18th Kibbutz Hanita
  • From hibernation and introversion ~ wake up to light

  • The time is now to join nature in her movement creating new life.

  • We will Take a deep breath and feel the heartbeat that unites us

       its wholeness. 

  • Opening ourselves to renew the relationship with the life force

       and our innate spirituality.

  • We will fill our body with vital energy and health strengthening 

       the connection between the I & We. 

  • Connect with the essence of Wholeness and the spiritual world.


Spring is the time when life burst like a mighty river without barriers ~ create, regenerate. We'll take the proffered hand, the open invitation from nature and join . . ..

In this Body-Mind workshop we will use creative dialogue, movement,

breath, guided imagination, and touch techniques among others 

to work with the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies to create, experience and empower a state of "Wholeness" and Health.

The workshop is based on Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy

founded by Gerda Boyesen 

 Anat received her diploma in Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy in 1988 from the International Institute of Garda Boyesen, London, England. For more than 27

years Anat is teaching Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy and Massage.

Location:  Kibbutz Hanita at Belhha"s "Ohel"

  • Dated: Saturday April-18th

  • Cost: By Donations

  • Time: Arrival 9:15 starts 9:30-16:00

  • Space is limited Registration Required ! 

  • Meals: Bring food to share for Lunch


  • Pen and paper

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Food to share or snacks

Hot drinks (coffe, tea, water) provided

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