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       Biodynamic Psychotherapy-The Gerda Boyesen Method 

           With Anat Ben Israel a senior teacher from USA


The fundamental principles of Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy

  • Biodynamic Body- Psychotherapy ~ a bridge between psychology and biology

  • The connection between Gerda Boyesen and Wilhelm Reich

  • The "Primary Personality" and "Secondary Personality

  • The importance of Biodynamic massage and how it works with Biodynamic Psychotherapy

  • The connection between fluids, emotions and energy 

  • The role of the intestines in the digestion of emotions - Psycho-Peristalsis


  Join us for a information packed evening. 



Anat Ben-Israel has been taught directly by Gerda Boyesen, 

the founder of Biodynamic Psychology, Psychotherapy and

Massage.She has been teaching and in private practice

for more then 30 years, she lives in Washington state, USA.



In this evening Biodynamic Psychotherapist and teacher Anat Ben Israel

will present the fundamental principles of Biodynamic Psychotherapy.

  • Biodynamic Psychotherapy ~ a bridge between psychology and biology 

  • Multi dimensional aspects of  Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy and how

         they manifests in the body

  • The embodiment of the psyche 

  • Biodynamic massage its aim and goals 

  • The role of the intestines in the digestion of emotions-Psycho-Peristalsis

  • The wisdom of the Life Force, a guiding element in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

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